A concerted effort of the lateral pterygoid muscles helps in lowering the mandible and opening the jaw, whereas unilateral action of a lateral pterygoid produces contralateral excursion (a form of mastication), usually performed in concert with the medial pterygoids.


Learning Outcomes Dent 5909/5910 • To recognize the types of mandibular movement Mechanical Characteristics of • To visualize and interpret single-plane border movements and combine them 3-dimensionally Occlusion • To identify the posterior and anterior controlling factors on occlusal morphology Heather J. Conrad DMD, MS • To explain how the vertical determinants of Diplomate, American

spaces can beseen in the regions of the temporo-mandibular joints. Maximal gapning med eller utan assistans, laterotrusion åt höger eller vänster, eller protrusion. Validitet Käkfunktion (Jaw function limitation scale, JFLS). besvär föreligger även vid laterotrusion åt besvärsidan). -Gapning och Holmlund A, Lund B, Krüger Weiner C. Mandibular condylectomy with  unilateral aktivitet laterotrusion på motsatt sida.

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Follow along with Dr. Mark Piper as he explains normal and abnormal mandibular movements. http://www.anomalousmedical.comVideo Transcript:Dr. Mark Piper : W mandible (also a rotational axis), whereas the swinging condyle on the right balance side swings forward and inward in a translational movement. The lateral excursion of the mandible is measured in de-grees and is called the Bennett angle. During this movement the mandible moves in laterotrusion on the working side and in medio- Se hela listan på physio-pedia.com mandibular movement like laterotrusion.

new tool capable of quantifying the movements of opening/closing, protrusion and. laterotrusion of the mandible. These movements are important for the clinical 

Keywords: Twin-block, Class II, myofunctional, mandibular advancement, retrognathia. Head of mandible. B. Median plane. Protrusion.

Condylar movements in theCondylar movements in the horizontal planehorizontal plane – During the lateral movements of the mandible ,the non working condyle is drawn inward from its centric position by the pterygoids & translates in a forward,downward & moves outward. GPT-refers this movement of the condyle as laterotrusion & it considers it synonymous to Bennet`s movement. www.indiandentalacademy.com

[latero- + L. trudo, pp. trusus, to thrust].

Laterotrusion of mandible

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Laterotrusion of mandible

1. the mandible to initially elevate 2. the condyle to make a mediotrusive movement, thereby enabling a lateral movement of the mandible on the opposite side 3. The condyle to make a laterotrusive movement, thereby enabling a lateral movement on the same side 4.

trusus, to thrust] Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012.
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The laterotrusion of the mandible is often combined with the clicking of the temporomandibular joint. An optoelectronic measuring method renders it possible to exactly record the clicking and the position of the mandible at this moment. With this method 25 patients with an initial clicking were observed.

In a young subject group, the movements of left and right mandibular laterotrusion were measured at the incisal and the lateral pole point of the working side condyle. All samples were divided into one of two groups according to the mesial (M) or distal (D) canine guidance.