Pie with wild boar and Västerbotten cheese, served with green salad and vinaigrette (*gluten, dairy, celery). Grönsaks och chilistoutpaj, serveras med grönsallad 



butter fried cod – Served with beets, red wine sauce and potato puré seasoned with västerbotten cheese. glass och nötkrokantbakelse glass och  Chantarelle toast with Västerbotten cheese, acidulated red onions and cress. Tonfisk ceviche med vattenmelon, amarillo chili, salsa och koriander (L + G). 139. Västerbottencheese and västerbottensost are registered trademarks owned by Norrmejerier, and the cheese is only produced at their dairy in Burträsk.

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Plate with charcuterie, bread olives and cheese. 169 kr. Lobster soap with a taste of cognac. Cheese and sweets i Västerbotten handelsbolag, 969795-1953 - På krafman.se hittar du företagsinformation, allmän info, status, adress, kreditupplysning mm  Swedishfoodie@outlook.com (@swedishfoodie) added a photo to their Instagram account: “Bleak roe heaven!

Cheddar can be substituted for Västerbotten, a sharp Swedish cheese” - Rachel Khoo. This recipe is from an edited extract from The Little Swedish Kitchen by 

Suitable for home freezing. We like to grate it then freeze it, for use on top of pasta, gratins, or in Vasterbottensost Cheese Quiche. Vasterbotten cheese (Västerbotten) is a Swedish cow's milk cheese with a semi-sharp flavor.

Stewed macaroni with asparagus, västerbotten cheese, pancetta and egg yolk · Mushroom sandwich with roe, spiced cheese, sourcream, leek, dill and rye bread.

400 Cal. 1 % 1g Carbs. 75 % 33g Fat. 24 % 24g Protein. Log Food.

Västerbotten cheese

On the side; Grilled corn, Mexican onion & carrot salad. 229:-ZHENG YI SAO MUSSELS. Musslor i asiatisk stil med bland annat vitvin, grädde, ingefära, … Hot smoked side pork, tomato, pickled red onion, västerbotten cheese. 135:-Varmrätter / Main courses. Med våra egna produkter, cheddar, mozzarella och västerbottensost. Konungens Röding / King’s Arctic char. Varmrökt rödingfilé med picklad rödlök, löjromssås och potatiskaka.
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Västerbotten cheese

Since 1872, Västerbottensost is manufactured at the small dairy in Burträsk, Västerbotten in Sweden. A classic Norrland craft with equal parts love and care creates the unique taste.

VENDACE ROE OR SEAWEED CAVIAR 195:- / 125:- Pu pastry cups with “västerbotten” cheese, red onion & smetana.
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100:- Almond nougatine, cloud berries & vanilla ice cream. Spiced herring. 150:- Deep fried potatoes, sour cream, dill, browned butter &. Västerbotten cheese.

The paste is adorned with tiny eyes and has a firm, granular texture. In flavor, the cheese is salty  Jul 27, 2018 To clarify: Västerbotten is a county in Sweden, ost is the Swedish word for cheese , thusly Västerbottensost technically means 'cheese that  Västerbotten cheese – or Västerbottensost – is a unique cheese that can only be produced in the small dairy in Burträsk, outside Skellefteå. It's as appreciated in  Västerbottensost. A traditional aged Swedish cheese with a mellow and rich flavour.